How to Prepare for an Online Interview

There are employers who prefer conducting online interviews to their prospective job candidates as they embrace video and Web-based technologies. Here are some tips on how to prepare on the day of the interview:


  • Test all the necessary equipment


    • An interviewee should take an hour before the time to check whether the computer is functional, if the software needed is up and running and to check for proper lighting and ventilation. No one would want to look dark and sweaty in front of the camera.


  • Be in a business attire


    • A job interview is for employee selection, and it is best to be in a business attire during that time since you will be having a conversation with a representative of an employing organization. You may find it funny to dress up while at home, but it gives the employer an impression that you are professional even if you’re just one step away from your comfort zone.


  • No to interruptions


    • Remember to turn off all applications that might interrupt the interview. There are applications or software wherein pop-ups are enabled for notifications. No one wants to be interrupted in a normal conversation, how much more for an important meeting.


  • Non-verbal expressions


    • Gestures connotes an expression or an idea to the person you’re talking to. Your non-verbal presentation or behaviors could give impact to the impression you make. It is important to make solid eye contact, smile at appropriate times, be in a good posture and use hand gestures to make your point. Don’t look too stiff in front of the camera. It’s okay to lean in a bit than looking nervous.


  • Be conversational


    • One should be conversational, though it is important to give a direct answer to the question, but be sure to properly explain what you’re trying to say. Conveyance issues should be avoided since it may give a different meaning to your answer which would greatly affect the impression you are trying to make to your employer. Fillers can’t be avoided, yet be sure to avoid using it throughout the conversation.


  • Know when to take down notes


    • Some situations allow you to take note of critical issues you want to highlight, but this doesn’t excuse you from looking odd in front of the camera just because you have been taking notes all the time. An interviewee should know when this is applicable.


  • Take short pauses


    • In cases of weak internet connections; nod when responding and take a second before answering so you won’t end up talking over the interviewer.

There are some who are not comfortable with an online interview – may be uncomfortable with the technology or becomes too conscious of how they would look or sound like in front of the camera. If this is the only way to take a step closer to your dream job, the best you can do is practice. You’ll not only get comfortable with the technology, you’ll also get better at conversing with a hiring manager, an employer or any representative of the company you’re trying to apply a job for.

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