How to improve your Interviewing Skills


One stands out during job interviews through their interviewing skills. These includes observing proper behavior, handling one’s self despite of being nervous and asking intelligent questions. These are some of the skills one should observe to receive more job offers:



  • Be Aware of your Gestures


Demonstrate confidence and give impact by making an impression to the person who’s conducting the interview. Use hand gestures for emphasis, be in a good posture during the interview, use eye contact to connote that you’re focused and connect with a firm handshake.


  • Dress Up


Choosing your outfit and looking good in an interview is a way to show that you’re giving importance to the meeting. An interviewee’s looks can give a basis of little evidence to the interviewer. It’s a good way to give a good impression at the first part of the interview.


  • Listen Actively


Inactive listening has been an ongoing problem for some. It implies that either you’re not listening very well or you are asking the interviewer to repeat the question to give you more time to think. It is fine to ask for the question to be repeated, but it would be a dismay if it will happen multiple times. Should there be an instance that you were not able to hear clearly what the interviewer said, ask him/her politely and quote part of the question to show you’re attentive.


  • Avoid Talking too much


Verbosity is usually observed when one doesn’t know how to give a simple explanation. It gives an implication to the interviewer that you’re having a hard time conveying your thoughts. It is best to use simple sentences and give a direct answer.


  • Use Professional Language


It is important to know the universal language which is English, but it also good to be familiar with the native language of your employer. Your use of slang may mean differently and there are also words that would sound good to you but has a different meaning to them. Better use safe words than conveying a provocative message.


  • Don’t be Arrogant


Interviewers watch out for your attitude. There are employers who check if you’re being cocky or if you’re demonstrating balance between confidence, professionalism and modesty. Be aware that overconfidence would also exclude you from the short list.


  • Watch out for Behavioral Questions


Part of giving a good impression of your interviewing skills is to relate a specific example of your past behavior. They look for these behavioral questions through asking you to give an example of a time when you did something eliciting an example of your past behavior. It is important to relate a specific example as it is an avenue to talk about your ability and skills.


  • Ask for Questions


This has been a usual manner for interviewers – asking if you have questions for them. Not everyone know that it is important to ask for a question as it implies that you’re interested with the company. It is also an opportunity for you to know if it’s the right place for you.


  • Stay Away from being Desperate


Looking cool, calm and confident is a way to appear less desperate. It implies that you’re in a hopeless situation and is impossible to deal with.


These nine tips would surely help in giving your interviewing skills a boost.

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