Choosing your Attire for a Job Interview


Dressing up enables one to boost your mood and overall confidence. This makes dressing up a major role in an interview. The way you dress and present yourself can give a big to your interviewer. These are some tips in choosing your attire:



  • Research about the company’s culture


The culture of the company should be taken into consideration when deciding what to wear in an interview. It is important to know if the employees wear business or casual attire. Be keen in observing if they wear suits every day or if they wear simple jeans and t-shirts. You will feel awkward if you are wearing a suit, yet all employees are wearing shorts and sandals. It would not look appealing if you are wearing jeans and a simple shirt to a company that wears professional attire. With enough research, you would give a good impression to the interviewer.


  • Match the Interviewer


With knowledge of the company’s culture, you would then anticipate what the interviewer would wear. Matching the interviewer’s attire would make one feel comfortable and at ease during the conversation. We tend to get intimidated by the way a person looks, but matching that person’s attire would get you less subdued. Take into consideration that an interview is a professional meeting and is a more formal occasion than daily work.


  • Neat and Clean


Whatever you wear to an interview, be sure that it’s clean and neatly ironed. You would not give a good impression if you will show up with wrinkled and dirty clothes. Wear a clothing that fits you well as your confidence will wear off if your attire is too loose. Good grooming is vital since it talks about proper hygiene manifested by properly fixed hair, light make up for women, trimmed facial hair for men and just looking neat and tidy.


  • Color your attire


A subconscious message is sent to the interviewer by just seeing the color of what you’re wearing. It is often an overlooked aspect since it helps convey your confidence and professionalism. The rule of thumb is not to be remembered because of your attire, but because of your skills and qualifications. Use solid colors such as navy, dark gray, black suits and dresses as it will not distract the interviewer. Using small patterns are also acceptable but be sure it is small enough that would almost look like a solid form.


  • Choose your accessories


Flashy jewelries are distracting and you would rather have the interviewer’s eyes on you than on your bling. You can show your personality through your accessories but play it safe and match it with your outfit. You can just wear simple accessories but be sure it’s not overpowering as it may imply that you are showing off too much just to get hired.


One should bare in mind that making a good impression during an interview would help in getting your desired job post. The clothes you wear will not only conclude your success, but the way you answer the interviewer’s questions would put you one step closer to achieving your dream job.

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